"The coolest part is that the community has so many young professional families and long time members. The Rabbi is amazing. We moved our family from Santa Barbara so we could put our kids in Oakland Hebrew Day School, a child-centered Jewish day school with excellent academics in both secular and religious studies. When we found the incredible, warm community of Beth Jacob, we knew we'd found our new home."

- David Gluck

"Beth Jacob's reputation is what brought our family to Beth Jacob. Friends who were members told us how wonderful the community was. We had been in many communities, Los Angeles, New York, and others. We found Beth Jacob the most open, welcoming, non-judgmental, and least political Synagogue that we've ever come across. The people are from all religious backgrounds, all ages, and all levels of observance. . . and everybody gets along great."

- Zev Rubenstein

"When we moved from our Orthodox shul in Los Angeles, we were hoping to find something similar here in Oakland. Beth Jacob seemed like a nice, warm community; and when we actually met the people and visited the preschool affiliated with the shul, we knew our search was over."

- Cheryl & Ken Schwarz

"We came here one holiday, Simchat Torah, and everyone was dancing around the shul with children in their arms. " Isn't it wonderful how everyone is dancing around with their children, " I said to the person standing next to me. "Oh, they're not dancing with their children. Those are kids of everyone else in the shul!"

- Ephraim Greenwall

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