Shabbat University

Shabbat University - The Pursuit of Higher Education

What are you majoring in? Philosophy? Law? Music? Are you sticking with a particular department, or a favorite teacher? Join Rabbi Albert and Rabbi Fox at Shabbat University. Choose from one of two concurrent classes at the synagogue on Shabbat after Kiddush, covering a diverse array of subjects and catering to different levels of Jewish study background. Perfect for those who want to be learning more but can?t always make it out on weekdays.

Most weeks will offer an introductory level session as well as a more advanced learning option.

Recent session topics included: Universal Health Care in Jewish law, A Brief Look at God's Involvement In The World, Rabbi Soloveitchik on Repentance, ?Lichvod Shabbat: For the Honor of Shabbat, The Mitzvah of Saving a Life, Business Ethics: What Price is Fair? Mezuzah: What, Where and How, Revisiting the Patriarchs: What Made Avraham special? A Deeper Look At Faith And Prayer and more.

Dates & Time: Shabbat (Saturday) every other week, after Kiddush - 12:20 PM

Location: Beth Jacob Congregation's Main Sanctuary

Please note that Shabbat University classes are followed by an early Mincha service

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